CV Manfred Wenzel

Personal Data

Name Wenzel
First Name Manfred Adam Carl
Date of birth 01.01.1963 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Nationality German
Position Managing Director of TEK TO NIK Architects & Generalplanning GmbH, Frankfurt am Main



1987   Commenced architectural studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main Internships at the following Frankfurt architectural practices: Zvonko Turkali Architects; Index Architects; Schneider + Schumacher Architects; Christoph Mäckler Architects; Architectural Coop Gerhard Balser
1990   Joint winner of the Schinkel Architectural Prize together with Stefan Burger and Dieter Gutsche
1990   Membership of the Frankfurt Architectural and Engineering Association
1991   Completed architectural studies at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt am Main, degree: Diplom Ingenieur (FH) Architect
1991   1st prize Bode Panzer competition for Christoph Mäckler Architects
1994   Obtained a second architectural diploma at the University of Kassel
1994   Member of the Architectural Association of Hessen
1997   Partner at the Architectural Coop Gerhard Balser, Frankfurt
1998   1. Prize, invited competition for Chase Manhattan Bank, Frankfurt
1999   Foundation of TEK TO NIK Architects, Frankfurt
2000   Member of the Managing Board der COLO Engineers London, Hamburg
2002   Member of the Frankfurt City Planning Advisory Board
2004   TEK TO NIK Architects qualify for ISO 9001, Quality Management
2006   Management consultancy for Resolution Asset Management, Frankfurt
2007   1. Prize, architectural competition for the entrance area of the Frankfurt Fair including a 20 storey high-rise building, together with RMP Landscape Architects, Bonn
2008   1. Prize, architectural competition for Seat/Skoda headquarters, Darmstadt
2008   Member of DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council
2009   Speaker of the Association of Planners V.A.P. (
2010   Member of the Frankfurt City Planning Advisory Team with regard to Public Spaces
2011   DGNB-Pre-Certificate Gold for Revitalisation of TritonBuilding (Allianz Real Estate)
2012   Member of the Listed Buildings Council of the City of Frankfurt
2015   Nominated for the German Natural Stone Award
2016   Deputy Chairman of the Frankfurt Listed Buildings Council