Construction Management

For over fifteen years TEK TO NIK Architects have been designing and delivering quality design and architecture in Germany. We are engaged in and take care of every single aspect during the process of planning and execution. In particular, professional support of commissioning, continuous cost control, precise design and planning control as well as site supervision throughout the later stages of a construction process are paramount in our definition and understanding of architectural quality.

Comprehensive and interconnected processes result in the reliable delivery of all goals set by cost, time and management. Our knowledge of complex construction processes in relation to architectural concept guarantees that no single aspect of the design is lost. Every detail is part of the entire planning right from the very beginning of the design process. Thus we try to limit the extent of snagging and increase our control of time and cost.

Throughout our office history we have designed and delivered a wide range of building types:

  • Office buildings
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Administration buildings
  • Hotels
  • Housing
  • Laboratories
  • Storage buildings
  • Data centres
  • Interior architecture of offices and shops